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I'm still around.

2013-02-08 19:41:22 by Beartheshadows

I've been mildly inspired lately. And by that I mean I have made up about 10 - 50 seconds of a song and get writers block. So instead of waiting until I can figure out how to finish each of them before posting, I'm just going to hang each song up as it progresses.

Happy trails.

This is my new (and by new I mean a few months old at this point) Carvin DC727. I named her Aquarius. MUAH!

I just thought I'd show this baby off a little.

So I've gotten a new computer. With all the new processing power and what-not I've been able to get ahold of a lot of new instruments and VSTs. I've had a blast making music for the past few weeks and I've realized that I would love to be able to asist some up and coming film maker with their passion.
Message me of Facebook and we can discuss this further. I'd be more than happy to send some examples.
I look forward to working with any and all of you.

Thanks You Citizens of NG!

2009-11-29 20:20:12 by Beartheshadows

I just realized two... Count 'em TWO tracks of my tracks have made it to the Best Tracks Ever panel on the front page. I'm not sure when they were initially posted though.

The Wildlife of Brinstar: #11
Oil Drum Alley 2.0: #5

Fuckin' sweet you guys. This is honestly a very big deal for me.
Thanks you for your support, votes, reviews, (constructive) criticism, and allowing me the time to entertain you; if only for a moment.

Keep the votes comin' and I'll keep the music bumpin'!

I wish I had more money!

2009-11-08 00:16:23 by Beartheshadows

I'm checking out a lot of new stuff I want/need; hardware, software and everything in between. Not having a job sucks and I guess even loving music as much as I do does sometimes as well.