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This is really good. My only complaint is that some of the string sections tend to drown out a few of the leading violins.
Other than that... MAN is this peaceful, lol.

Pretty good.

It's sounds really good and I like it a lot. It makes me... Happy. Go figure, lol.
My only compplaint it the whole mix seems a little trebbly and the opening rides (I think) made me winse a little, lol. Other than that... DOWNLOADING!

Chimy727 responds:

lol coolio
trebbly lol
thanks a ton!



I have to dock a point for a simple reason... I HATE CLOWNS. And of course with this I have to imagine one of the juggling bastards waddling towards me with a creepy ass grin on it's face.
.. Aside from that, nice rearrangement. The choice of instruments works beautifully here. My only real problem with it is that it seems to loop within the loop (if that makes any sense).
Keep it up, dude.

Cam3leon responds:

Not sure if I know what you mean by that, but thanks lol. And I can feel you on the clowns. My roommate didn't like it as much cuz he hated the Zone :P

Glad you toughed it out to hear it though lol


There should be a standard on allowing people to review. Such as: If your dumbass, fuck off robothair!

Anyway, on to the review.
Yes... Yes. Downloaded and pulling a Saturday Night Fever strut downtown with this in my headphones tomorrow night!
Great job.

WTF!!!?? I can't spit rhymes over this!

This is definitely a little different than most of your other submissions.
.. I miss the flow, lol.

The intro seems to be missing something... Although I'm not sure what.
Once the drums kick in (00:21) it makes up for the aforementioned problem I had with the lack of momentum.

The piano break at 00:37 was a nice touch, although I think it might be just a tad loud. The next part had a nice rave/techno feel to it was pulled off alright.

I'm mixed with the outro. It's quite original and I love your use of the "Celestial Short Synth." But mixing it with the jungle style drums was odd. What the hell... I liked it.

All and all this wasn't too bad. Maybe a little more equilizing among the leads and it should be good to go.
Nice job, bro!

Cam3leon responds:

Appreciate the feedback, dude, as always!

The intro's missing the "intro" actually. If you remember the little flashing motif at the beginning of a Pokemon battle, you'll remember it. I meant to add it once I was done with this joint, but I got lazy lol. I'll definitely put it soon, that should set the mood and up the tempo a little better.

As for the outro....I dunno lol. I was definitely trying for a change of pace with the little reggae beat. But I'm still getting the hang of the World Drums on FL, so hopefully they'll blend better with my other works.

Glad you dug it, thanx for the critiques! And if you still want a remix to flow to, you might be in luck with my next few submissions lol. I got some plans for Sonic and Kirby...


You gave Ken a little bit of street cred.
He went from a rich white boy to a young man growing up in the projects, lol.
I like it though, especially the piano run at :26.
I like it though.

Check out my version if you get the time.

Cam3leon responds:

Haha yeah I got that idea from listening to his theme from Street Fighter 3, so I kinda got the impression that he was a bit of a hip-hop head. Plus I thought it matches his brashness a little, and I wanted to do something different with this arrangement.

Thanx for the feedback. Glad I caught you off guard with that one :P

Piano meatloaf

Yo, stellar.
I love the deep ass piano in the beginning. And the chor at :35 it's beautiful, chilling, and then haunting at :49. What a well rounded remix.
The end though... WHOA! lol
Horrible cut, lol. You should go back and add this to your newer Metroid track... Fix that up a but, lol.
Godd all around though.

Cam3leon responds:

I was actually thinking about cutting and pasting the final draft of the theme. I'll keep that in mind...

Thanx once again dude :)

The guy below me obviously doesn't venture to NG o

I'm diggin' this my man. Kinda makes me wanna salsa.
Keep it up.
Fuck that hoe below me.

Cam3leon responds:

Lol thanx for the love dude

Fucking awesome.

Sound like your tuned to A# maybe? I know it's somewhere in the nether regions of hell, lol. This kind of reminds me of Nevermore and Fear Factory (a little). Again, that could just be the low ass tuning.
It is defiantly groovetastic.

Only if your intentions were to make me laugh...

Did you succeed.
Otherwise this just sucks, lol.
I'm defiantly in to all forms of music (metal included) [from old school to Norwegian black metal[.
But I can't take a song seriously when every time it loops around I have to stop what I'm doing to catch my breath from laughing so much.
I'm going to favorite this only for when i have those bad days and I need something to cheer me up. And I'm gong to give you a 6 because... Well I don't know why, lol.

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