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Not Bad!

The intro was a little off, but once it broke in it became really good.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Yeah, this was an older rendition I did, and I just did it for the hell of it back then. Now, every LoZ piece I do has purpose, but I swear that by the time I finish scoring this movie, I'm going to be thoroughly Zelda'd out.

Thanks for the input.

Keep up the good work.

The quality is a little eh... not good. The drums are a little overpowering and the effects become kind of annoying. But besides that, your playing was dead on and it sounds good. The solo in the middle goes really well with it as well.

DarKsidE555 responds:

Sry to be an ass about it but I beg to differ sir. The quality is above NG standards for Metal submission. You might as well look at the average score of 9.5 / 10 to think about your "quality" comment again.

I agree with your statement about the drums though. This was the first tune I really tried to master. While some things came out good, some things felt down. So the drums. I've cutted out too much of the mids and gave the hi-hats too much highs.

No complains about the sfx comment as well. It's something you can love or hate. Some people like it, some don't.

Overall, I say thanks for the review!


I love your choice of instruments and the ambientI rain in the background. I kind of wish you would have tied in some of your own variations, but none the less, great job.

Not bad, but not awesome!

You didn't really do anything outside the original tune. Not bad playing though.

DarKsidE555 responds:

I think I already typed something like that out in the description...Anyways, want something outside the original tune? Then you might want to take a listen to this...

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/123116

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