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This was very nicely done. I love all the different synths you used. I was never a big fan of this song or this stage, but you definitly cave it awsome twist. Great job.


This is good... very good. It's really peaceful and ambient but at the same time it feels very tense. Although this is very Metroid Prime-esque, I don't here any original tunes, therefore I wouldn't call it much of a remix; unless I am missing somthing of course. My only problem is the main melody seems to repeat too often throughout. I love the drums, very well done.

Aresdev responds:

There isn't supposed to be any original tunes, I don't rip songs. It's a "remix". It is my take on Phenandra Drifts/ Chozo Ruins from MP1.


This was pretty good. I don't epic is quite the word to describe. I'd go with powerful. My only complaint is the big timpani like drums are a little annoying. I think they might be too low. That's just me though. Awesome job none the less.

BowserThedestructive responds:

no i EQ them there talko drums there in orignal so all timpani or anyother thing just didnt sound the same..
so its lowered for a reason cause when in it orignal none edited form Its FO **** LOUD i mean ear bleeding.. loud so i had to EQ compress..mulitband... to make it sound same yet not be has breaking..


This isn't too bad. Definitly one of the more epic pieces from the game. This sounds like MIDI but I'm jnot sure. What programs do you use to get awesomly realistic orchestra sounds?

BowserThedestructive responds:

Well for me i use the FL studio :)
Combined with various VST's Filters i have found on the internet
the Orchestra set i use is combined of
Soundfonts basiclly.
and i use the MIDI < yes midi like you say i use that to base off the main tune maining what i want where then i throughly master it at best capabilitys
the main "orchestra" set on its on is called
FLUIDR3 GM it is a COMPLETE Orchestra making it sound real because it was SAMPLED :) from REAL instruments.then i add my Own touch to the song besides me orchestrating it the way i Like it sound and not what its orignal "Instruments" are.

It's quite ironic

... that when this midi came out on VGMusic I hear a remix of it the same day, lol. This isn't too bad. It just stuck too close to the original.

Gorekiller responds:

Yes, but as a first cover of this theme, I had to make it sound very close to the original. But I agree a modified version would be welcome. Thanks for the review !


Not bad, but I prefer the original. Some of the notes sounded out of key in the beginning and the bass drum was alright until it spead up. It never got much better and actually seemed hollow at times. This really isn't too good. Sorry.

AlphaNew responds:

Its ok, there's no problem with different opinions, and if you explain why (as you did), its a chance for me to try with different things, so, thanks a lot. Stay around!

Very simple.

Honestly, this isn't really good. All you did was change the intruments and slowed it down a bit. It doesn't seem like there was a lot of effort involved. I'll give you a two just because Metroid pwns.

MasterOfSword responds:

I didn't slow the music down one bit.


I was wondering what programs you use. I use FLStudios for most of me stuff but I can't make thing like this because a lot of the sounds arn't very realistic. This is beautiful. Definitly one of my favortie pieces on NG. Like mostly everything you submit, this is amazing. I see so much happening when I listen to this.

Now this is more like it.

This is one of the better remixes I've heard of this song. I like the originality behind the begining. YOur choice of intruments was very suiting. Great job.

More like Space Awesomness!

This was awesome. The intro was amazing and the robotic voice was placed perfectly. Just when you think it's about to die off, it picks right back up. My only problem with this (and the original) is it is such a short loop. I can hear so much more going on. Anyway, great job with this.

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