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This is nice.

I love Street Fighter, the music, and especially this theme.

I thought you done a very good job with it. The overall mix doesn't sound as clean as some of your later stuff but I guess that is to be expected. I like the rearrangement you did with the parts amd the guitar solos in the middle and end..

I'm just as much into metal as I am video game music but I have to say that, although I've heard it done several times, I've never liked a lot of doube bass with this one.

.. And since you plugged your stuff on mine, I'm going to do the same = P.
Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Nice job, bro.

JonSantiago responds:

Name a track and i'll give it a listen :)


This is very well done.
I love your mix of guitars and synths. It gives it a techno organic feeling (which is what I go for a lot).
Your guitar slides in the mix like butter. t's very smooth and not too heavy. Just right for this sort of thing. It's nicely mixed and has an overall polished sound.
I have to say that my only complaint is that the bass might be a tad (and I mean a TAD) too low.

00:34- EPIC!


This has been so over done and it doesn't sound that great either.
You obviously have the scores to back up an argument, and grant it, this is only my opinion.
Reguardless, sorry dude. It's not working for me.


I'm sorry but any Megaman song lacking drums gets and automatic lower score from me. The song itself isn't a bad rearrangement though.

MetalMetroid responds:

Yeah I know im trying to work with drums more and more right now it's not going ANY were so if and when I DO ever get that crap going and I learn drums more I will Add some on here for ya thanks for your review


This is one of the most haunting things I've ever heard.
The drums and vocals make it so much darker and enhance the mood of the original tune. I had to download the immediately. You should defiantly use other Metroid tunes as inspiration.


I usually don't write reveiws but I had tyo for this one. I LOVED the first :26. After that, the techno/trance just didn't cut it for me. It's good for what it is but I was hoping it stick to the more ambient side of things. Not bad overall though.


As simple as this is, it's fucking brilliant! The classical approach doesn't differ that much from the original, but it sounds so much better. The addition of drums makes it a little more contemporary. Maybe more of a remastering than a 'remix'. But whatever you want to call it, it amazing!

Pretty Good!

The drums sound real nice. The guitars arn't recorded with the best quality, but I don't suspect you have atleast $5,000 to lay down on a professional studio either though. So on that note, not too shabby. Good use of combining synths aswell.

dbz-dude responds:

thanks if you like this i sugest you listen to my other castlevania pieces


I can definitly hear everything you discussed in your comments. I personally would have done a few things a little differently, although I'm not how. That's not to say that what you did with it hear is bad, because I think it's amazing. Keep up the good work.

MusicWizard responds:

Thank you!

Yes it is a bit complicated, but i just love it, the mystic feeling.

Thanks again for the vote and comment!

This isn't too bad.

It's actually pretty good. You done nice work with the voice work. What stage is it from.

Zero-Resurrected responds:

Its the battle between X and Double. Its towards the end of the game.

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